BunkCot History - The first Bunkcots were sold by a company called Shanticot, which were designed over 10 years ago and later became known as The Bunkcot Company up until 2016 when they stopped trading. Very quickly UK manufacturer Fafunia based in Milton Keynes took over the product and decided to produce the Bunkcots in their factory to eliminate delays in overseas shipments. Tom Shea our imaginator and company owner of Fafunia, thought they needed modernising so the design team at Fafunia got to work and although many if the original features such as the size are the same, they have been made more relevant to modern times. There are fewer moving components than before, and they now come fully assembled making them more appealing. So, we have kept the incredibly young baby cot at the top – so you can use them without harming your back and the ‘downstairs’ is the same cosy place. Our Bunkcots come in a lovely natural finish and take up the same space as a domestic cot – so two children can rest in the space you use for one cot at present. These are not available to domestic customers and have been designed for Nursery Use only. IMPORTANT INFORMATION Our Bunkcot is designed for Nursery use and is a product that must be always supervised. By the time, a baby can adopt a standing position they should have been moved into the lower ground cot bed.

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