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Bunk Cot Beds For Babies & Toddlers


Here at The BunkCot Company we design and retail Bunkcots that are perfect for two children – whether twins or siblings close in age. For a child, a good night’s sleep is paramount, and so providing a comfortable bed is important. However, space can often be a problem if you have more than one child Single cots and beds can take up a lot of valuable space. Our bunk cots are an ideal solution and provide comfort whilst saving space. The design was originally thought up by our company founder Tom Shea who created the original cot for his own chain of day nurseries. They quickly became popular and demand for these quality twin cots increased.

The Original BunkCot

This is the original design created by us in 2004. This bunk bed is used by 1000’s of nurseries around the UK and abroad and is a perfect way for any day nursery to save space. The top bed is designed for children upto 9-12 months old and is easily accessible. Regularly bending over to pick your child up can quickly put a heavy strain on your back, but with our bunkcot design, lifting height from the top cot is negligible – thus eliminating any back strain. The lower bed is surrounded by a white toddler valance which is interchangeable and is perfect for children up to 3 years old. Made of premium beech wood – this bunkcot has proved strong and resilient to the hard life it receives in chidrens’ day nurseries.

The Convertible BunkCot – our 3-in-1 BunkCot for the home

Our 3-in-1 Convertible BunkCot makes extra space for both parents and children. Two single cot beds take up a lot of valuable space and mean less playing area for your children. Our convertible cot bunk beds are the ideal solution.Our 3-in-1 Convertible BunkCot has 3 configurations so it changes from cots to beds as your children grow up. This bed can be set up as 2 cots, 2 bunk beds or a combination of both. The BunkCot is suitable for children up until the age of 6 years old which means 1 piece of furniture lasting 2 children from newborn to 6 years old. Made from solid beech our Convertible BunkCot is built to last!

Customer satisfaction

80% of our business comes from verbal recommendation so we aim to offer the best customer experience and can assure you that, on the odd occasion when a problem does arise, we are quick to resolve to our customers satisfaction.

We do offer a  6 month payment plan which charges no interest nor admin fees. Simply divide the total cost over 6 months and your BunkCot will be delivered once the payment plan is complete.